Today I’ve felt such a dark sense of foreboding.

I’m trying to spend less time on social media and news surfing. It’s taking a toll. Everything feels like we are teetering on the edge of something big, something dramatic.

The stories posted by health care workers from New York and other cities are so vivid I can taste their fear. Their courage puts me to shame, but I’m angry that our country and their employers have not prepared better for such a day. I don’t understand why we don’t have billions of protective masks squirreled away in an underground vault somewhere. I realize we didn’t see this precise situation coming (although we should have), but catastrophe has hit before and surely we must have known it would strike again.

I failed to post this picture from our walk at Notre Dame yesterday. I’ll post it now and make it my closing prayer for the day.

The Grotto at the University of Notre Dame.

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