The Grandchildren

The hardest part of this social distancing is not getting to see my grandchildren much. Up until now, I’ve driven my granddaughter to her community college classes a couple times a week, and my grandsons visit my place at least weekly. In fact, being closer to my grandkids was one of the best benefits of getting an apartment here.

Of course, all three now are participating in on-line learning. My son is considered an “essential” worker, so he’s out in the community at least five days a week. He’s our weak link, and he and Jenni have been reluctant to take the chance of infecting me and my daughter Anna.

Friday, however, we did have a quick meet-up at a local park. Zac took the boys out to play catch, and we watched standing a bit away from them, just as much to avoid getting hit as to stay Corona-free.

I’m afraid all of this time indoors might be increasing our dependence further on our digital devices.

After the game of catch, we all sat down on some bleachers near the park’s ball diamond. A man and a boy – presumably father and son – practiced golf swings out in the field while we watched. We talked a little, and I’m really going to have to find some other conversational topics besides this virus and the resulting economic downturn. I think the children need to be spared. But it’s difficult, you know? And it’s all we’re thinking about.

All of the playgrounds in our community have been roped off — closed for the duration. My grandchildren live in an apartment and have no backyard to go outside to. Their lives have been altered dramatically by the current state of affairs. Playdates are out. Their mother is stressed to her limit making sure the school work is completed. And Zac is working 10 to 12 hours a day and getting little sleep, while a good many of the rest of us have more time than we ever dreamed of.

And I worry. I worry about my three children who continue to show up to work every day. I worry about my grandchildren, especially Jaxon, who has severe asthma that alone has hospitalized him several times in his twelve years. Anna and I, despite my age and her health history, are the least vulnerable of our family, isolated as we mostly are.

Stay healthy, friends, and be well.

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