Closer Still

My son Zac called me yesterday afternoon to say that he was self-isolating. A friend from work was sick now from Corona-like symptoms.

I have known this particular friend, by the way, since he was in middle school and a friend of my younger son, Jacob. He lived in our neighborhood, and the boys of course rode the same school bus.

Self-isolating will pose some challenge for Zac’s family. They live in a small apartment with only one bathroom – a family of five already squeezed to their limits. How to do this without infecting the entire family is something they’ll simply have to figure out. Moving him — or the rest of the family — to a hotel is a financial burden they’re reluctant to take on.

My son Zac

To make matters worse, his son Jaxon, my grandson, has fairly severe asthma that has hospitalized him a number of times in his twelve years. This is a child who once was transported from a school field trip by ambulance to a local emergency ward.

We aren’t entirely sure what this will mean for our family. These are challenges faced by families much like us all over our country — no, all over the world. How do we do this? It’s uncharted territory.

This is Jaxon last Halloween. At the time his costume, one he had come up with himself, seemed really cool. Now instead it seems morbid and eerily foreboding.

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