Indiana Slowly Reopening

Last week I learned my COVID test was negative. This I had expected, but still it provided some relief to family members who had spent a little time with me recently.

And Indiana began reopening. Many retail establishments are open. I’ve shopped a little myself and bought several book shelves for my apartment. Now most of my books are right here within reach.

Gyms have not yet reopened, but I think they will soon. This brings me to one question: should I resume going to the pool. My daughter and I typically engage in a vigorous deep-water running regimen. It’s a routine we discovered about seven years ago when we first moved to Illinois. There our local rec center had a beautiful lap pool that was far too under-utilized. Low impact pool workouts turned out to be perfect for both me with my arthritis and my athletic daughter with cerebral palsy. I believe there were days when that pool was my main motivation for getting out of bed.

It took me a couple months after moving here to find another pool for our workouts. In January we joined the Kroc Center. We were there three mornings most weeks. Again, I was beginning to feel like a fit human being once again. COVID brought those workouts to a grinding halt.

I’m trying to decide if better cardiovascular health and muscle tone is worth the small risk of once again returning to our pool workouts. I think it is. We could dress at home, wear cover-ups too and from the rec center, and when we get out of the pool after a workout, we would simply cover again and go straight home again to change. The pool has not been crowded in the early mornings when we are there. We should be able to achieve a workout without getting close to anyone else. At least, that is the plan for now.

I can dream anyway. In the meantime, I make do with yoga and pilates.

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