The COVID-19 Test

So today I was tested for COVID-19. (Read yesterday’s post to learn why.)

Since many of you have not been tested, I’ll elaborate.

My doctor called late yesterday to put my name of the list at the testing location. When I arrived this morning, there was a line of four cars. The three cars in front of me were directed to pull into the parking lot. Evidently, the folks in those cars were there for appointments and would wait until they were called to come inside.

When it was my turn to drive forward, I gave my name and birth date. This parking lot is for an immediate care center affiliated with the clinic where my family doctor practices. I’m sure they already had my insurance information, and since there was a prescribing physician, I’ll expect to hear directly from his office. I was not asked for identification, nor did I sign my name to anything. I was directed to pull forward and then turn right, which I did.

Greeting me there was a medical professional. He was good-natured and let me take a picture.

Again, there was no paperwork, no signature required. He told me it would be a throat swab, and I laughed, relieved. “No digging-out-the-brain nasal swab then? Cool.” He laughed a little too.

I opened my mouth wide. In went the swab. It felt pretty much like a flu test swab that I had had last December, uncomfortable but not painful. He swabbed around a bit for a few seconds. The December test had been negative. Another virus, the doctor had told me then. I hope – and expect – that today’s test will be negative as well. But I wanted to make sure I wasn’t unintentionally infecting anyone around me.

Mid-swab. (Anna snapped the pic.)

I left with directions to stay inside until I had the test results. No shopping trips. No visits with my grandchildren tomorrow on Mother’s Day. My son and I already had discussed this. For the time being, I’m keeping my distance. It’s okay. It’s supposed to be a rainy day anyway.

I spent the afternoon watching SVU reruns. It wasn’t difficult.

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