Holy Saturday

(Ooops. I forgot to press publish last night. So it’s actually Easter. Oh, well.)

As I finish my series focusing on the stations of the cross, with pictures here from the stations that line the west side of Saint Joseph’s Lake on the University of Notre Dame campus, it occurs to me that contemplating these stations is an exercise of faith reminiscent of ancient pilgrimages. We know the ending of the story, the Easter resurrection of Jesus, the Christ. But for these few days, we instead meditate on his suffering and humiliation. Grace did not come cheap.

Jesus is nailed to the cross.
Jesus dies upon the cross. This twelfth station here in a grove of sycamores on a hill near the lake, in sculpture rather than bas relief.
Two of Jesus’s disciples, Joseph and Nicodemus, remove his body from the cross.
The body of Jesus is placed in the tomb.

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